The first country we visit for the passport challenge is Afghanistan. 

Some facts: capital is named Kabul, in 2015 there where about 32,5 miljon people living on 652864 square km. Religion is islam. Who wants to read more can go to the wikipage.   

 I mostly know Afghanistan because of war, taliban and refugees. Not a country I would go on vacation. I did find an organisation that travels trough Afganistan. If you’re interested here is a link. I must admit looking at the pictures of landscape and daily life it does look beautyfull and interesting. 

 If you are on instagram I reccomend to watch the pictures of this profile. The pictures of Afghanistan are just stunning. Nothing like I expected. 

Disclaimer: none of the above pictures are taken by me. I have not visited Afghanistan for real. 

The next 2 weeks I’ll be virtual traveling trough this country. I wonder what this adventure will bring me. 


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