29 faces #1

In february artists (and other creative souls) all over the world are busy with creating faces. Here is the blog and on facebook you can find a lively community. The ultimate goal is to create 29 faces. I know I will fail at this. My personal goal is 4 finished pieces of art and work on this challenge daily. Maybe just 5 minutes, maybe 5 hours. I cheated a little and started this last weekend. 


This picture was my guide. I’m virtually traveling Afghanistan at the moment, it seems right to start with a girl from there.  

 I printed the image and outlined the lines I wanted to draw. I made a grit to help me sketching. It’s my first time using a grit and it was very helpful. It’s really easy to place eyes and nose on the right spot. My sketch was done with water soluble pencils. 

The veil is done with aquarel paints, I used acrylics for the face. I’m so pleased with the result. It was a long time ago I tried to paint a face in proportion. Most times I don’t care my paintings look childish, but for me the 29 faces challenge is an opportunity to learn. And I did! More grit-sketches will follow. Who knows, my brain starts to understand how a more realistic face looks like. 


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