Yeti and Unicorn

Once upon a February, a box of Valentine chocolates was mis-delivered, and as a result, the Yeti accidentally received a present from the Unicorn. Or maybe it was the other way around. Anyway, for one brief shining moment, there was love, true love, love that could power the whole world with its glittery brightness.

Well, that’s a swapdescription that triggers me. The possibilities are endless. 


 True love forever was what Yeti thought in that new glittery world. They where so happy, singing songs, giving kisses. But that glittery world became less glittery when Unicorn started complaining about Yetis big hands, big feet, big belly. ‘You are just too too Big, it’s too much for me’ and she flee away. Taking all the glittery with her leaving Yeti with a broken heart. 


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