Decluttering week 3

This week we did the pantry. Organising every space in the house where we store food. 


This was an easy 1. I use it all the time while I am cooking. I just tidied it. 

This space was more challenging. It’s big and I don’t only store food here. I threw out a lot of expired food. I also found some belongings of my dad. I don’t use it but I didn’t want it ending in the trash either. I found a familymember who wants it. On the bottom is all kinds of paperwork. I need to declutter that but decided to leave it here until the challenge brings me to do paperwork. 

And again a little extra task in my craftroom. On this you see my mailstation. Everything I need to sent a nice snailmail. I’m mostly happy to found a space to store my big 2016 artjournal. 


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