Declutter week 1

This year I participate in a declutter challenge. It gives weekly and daily assignments to declutter 15 minutes a day. There is an active facebookgroup and so far it is very inspiring. 

The focus for the first week was on the kitchen area. 

I’m very pleased with the things I did this week. Honestly I didn’t do an extra task every day, life is busy enough as it is, but 15 minutes can be done easily and everything that is done is done. 

So far it motivated me to tidy as I go in all spaces in the house. I do wonder if I stay this motivated. For now the facebookgroup is very active. But I realise it’s beginning of january and everybody is motivated. 

Last week in my gymclass there where around 40 participants, during december we where with 10. I know within a month we’ll be back to 20 and after summerbreak back to 10. Would this facebookgroup be the same? And if it is, to which group participants do I belong?

I keep taking photos of my progress. I love to see the differences between before and after. I’m proud of what I did. 


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