You must be crazy mixed media postcard

Assignment: make a postcard using a minimal of 9 different media/techniques. 

I love a challenge!

It’s a pity I didn’t take in between picture. Here are my steps:

  • I took some leftover paper with alcohol ink on it. 
  • Made a handcarved stamp
  • Stamped on the paper with distress ink. 
  • Teared that paper and collaged it on my base. 
  • Colored the base wath water solubale crayons. 
  • Wrote the lyrics of I am beautifull on it with a spectrum marker. 
  • Added some white acrylic paint with a brayer. 
  • Added eyeshadow (it’s really a great medium!). 
  • Slapped on some stickers. 
  • Put on some distress ink and washed it with water. 
  • Another white acrylic paint layer with my brayer. 
  • Torned off little pieces of paper from the base. 
  • Sealed it with gel medium. 
  • Sewn on some fabric. 
  • Added some clear gesso. 
  • Gave it a watercolor wash. 
  • Added some washi tape. 
  • More white paint, love that brayer!
  • Another seal of gelmedium. 
  • Draw and colored the princess with copic markers. 
  • Colored the stamped mushroom with aquarellic paint. 
  • Cut those out and glued it on top. 
  • Added some embossed elements. 

Yes, you must be crazy to do this. So much fun!


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