Inspiration on documenting a statue

Almost everywhere you go you can find a statue, a sculpture or a memorial sign. You can document these in various ways. You can keep it realistic and stick to the facts or you can use your imagination and dream about it.

Here are a few questions you could use in your documentation:

  • Who is it for?
  • Who made it?
  • What materials are used?
  • Do you like it?
  • If you had to design something for that occasion what would you make?
  • Who should have a statue in your opinion?
  • Where is it placed?
  • Who where you with?
  • Why did you come here?
  • What else did you do besides watching the statue?

When you go out try to collect things. Small things like tickets or a paper napkin or a flyer will look great in your journal (smashbook/scrapbook/project life/whatever). Maybe you can pick a flower and dry it, or you find a nice rock, or you find some trash you could do something with. Always take pictures, lots of them. If you are a sketcher, make them, right there at the moment.

Idea: Write a story where you meet the person of the statue or write about you in that era.

I think this is a gorgious layout with all photo’s. It’s not mine. I found it on this site. Go visit that blog to see more great layouts and be inspired.

Another site I found it this one. It gives a completely different version of some known statues. I think this would be awesome in a journal.

Documenting a statue doesn’t have to be boring. You can stick to the facts AND you can document your fantasy.


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