How to document your summer?

There are several methods to document your life (or summer as this project is called). I thought it could be helpfull to give a list with examples. Let me be clear: I am not a teacher, I have not invented any of these methods. I just like to do memorykeeping and try new things. I’ve been journaling since 2010 and still haven’t found a format that suits all my needs.

– a Diary or a Journal

I’m not sure what the difference is between those 2. They both are books you write in about what happened that day, how you are feeling, about your dreams, hopes and fears. A diary often has a lock on it and I think you’re suposed to write in it daily. A journal seems to be more freestyle. But that’s really my thinking. If you add drawings, photographs or pictures to it your journal becomes an artjournal of a visual journal. I found this link with an explanation about diary, journal and blog.


A scrapbook is a photo album, but more creative than just add photographs. It usual involves pretty paper and sentiments and embellishments. You can add a few lines to it to tell the story behind the photographs.

-Project life

This is also a way of scrapbooking, but you are using special cards that you simply flip into a plastic sleeve. To me it seems faster than scrapbooking and it gives less mess.

All these methods can be done digital as well. There are apps to use on your phone or tablet, but also a simple worddocument can be used.

For the Document your summer it really doesn,t matter what format you use. It can be total different from all of the above. It could also be done on a blog or a flickr. Anything goes, there is no right or wrong in this. Or perhaps there is: if you’re having fun you are doing it right, if you’re not having fun you are doing it wrong. Experiment, try, see what works for you! It is fun to see all things you’ve done together in a book or binder.


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