How I document my summer

Please don’t think this is how it should be done. This is just a way of journaling that works for me. Like I said before: there is no right or wrong.

I’ve been inspired by Project life. I like those journalingcards. I like how easy it is to add photo’s. I don’t like the amount of money it costs. Overall it might not be that expensive, but I like it as cheap as possible. I like to make my own stuff and knowing myself I will only use half of those decks. So I took a binder I already owned, I took 3 kinds of plastic sleeves I already owned and started working with what I had.

Foto 14-05-15 20 34 03 These are the sleeves I use to store my ATC in. They are also used to store baseball cards and magic the gathering cards in. When I have a large image I cut it into fitting pieces. Photo’s are simply printed in a small size. A few lines and a date stamp will finish it. The large image is something I collected that day. Don’t forget to save your busticket, flyers and other freebies to use in you documentation.

Foto 14-05-15 20 35 02Sometimes I add a loose piece of paper in. On this floralthemed paper I glued a tourist information booklet and a map of the park I visited. I want to be able to open it easily, so I will not put it in a plastic sleeve. I am a proud owner of an Instax mini camera, it’s like a polaroid, but different brand and smaller photo’s. They are a little smaller than atc and I should glue them. Again I added a date and wrote a little about that day.

Foto 14-05-15 20 36 30 This is a plastic sheet I use to store my postcards in. It’s designed to hold 4 postcards or regular sized photographs. I use it for longer writings and more scrapbooking pictures.

Foto 14-05-15 20 36 01 Last picture is a large plastic sleeve. These are perfect for my drawings or when I have a lot to write. This is an old painting I had laying around, I added a quote to it and it fit right in my summer journal. Quotes are also a great thing to collect and add to your journal.

Downside of these plastic sleeves is that there is a front and back and not always I need the unfilled format for my next documentation. Therefor my documentation isn’t a 100% chronological, but I don’t mind that. I do try to keep months together.


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