Document your summer

This is a project for those who journal, do project life, scrapbook or write a diary. It’s also for those who haven’t done such a thing before and would like to give it a try. You can join at any time and do whatever suits your style.

Once a month you will visit a place and document that trip/event in a format that suits you. Every 2 weeks ther will be a prompt you can use to document your daily life during this summer. Thats 3 weeks with ideas and prompts and 1 week rest. It is possible I give a prompt in the fourth week, depending on how busy I am.

I will share the prompts on instagram as well using #documentyoursummer. Please use this tag on social media.
I host swaps (mostly digital) on the Mini Challenges through the month group on swapbot. Come over and join us there.

The first prompt will be given on may 17. The project ends in september.
You don’t need much, a pen and paper or a word document on your computer is enough to get started. You decide how you document your summer and how much of it you share online. Don’t stick to the given prompts, write, draw or collage about your daily life this summer to have a wonderfull memorie at the end.


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